Manual Testing Course Content

manual testing online training

1 Introduction to software testing. What is Manual testing 
Testing principal
Necessity of testing in any product
Responsibility of tester
Testing environment
2 Introduction of automation testing What is automation testing
introduction of tools used in automation testing
Difference between manual ad automation testing
3 Software Quality Understanding What is Quality and its necessity
4 Software Testing Definitions Difference between Verification & Validation
What is software quality assurance and software quality control
Static testing and dynamic testing concept
5 Software Development lifecycle Requirement gathering
Analysis and planning
Software design
6 Software Development lifecycle models Waterfall Model
Agile Model
V Model
Prototype model
7 Software Testing lifecycle Requirement analysis
Test planning
Test designing
Test environment setup
Test execution
Test reporting
Test Closure activities
8 Why SDLC is software testing is relevant  
9 Testing Levels Unit or component testing
Integration testing
System testing
Acceptance testing
10 Testing Types Functional(+Types)
Non functional Testing(+Types)
11 Testing Methods Black Box testing
While Box testing
gray Box testing
Experience based testing/adhoc testing
12 Test Documents and Reports
(Designing Testcase and Designing Testplan)
Requirement Traceability Matrix
Test Plan Document
Test Case Document
Defect Report
Status Report
Test summary report
13 How to Report Defect
Defects life Cycle
Defect priority
Defect status
Defect age
14 Testing Standards ISO, CMMI, Six Sigma
15 Project  

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