Oracle CRM Course Content

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  1. Overview of Lead to Order Process
    1. Describe Ebusiness Suite
    2. Associate job roles with the basic sales flow
    3. Describe customer types
    4. Describe lead to order process
  2. Overview of Sales Products
    1. Describe different sales products in the Sales Family
    2. Difference between Oracle Sales and Telesales
  3. Configuration of CRM foundation
    1. Resource Manager
    2. Task Manager
    3. Notes
    4. Interaction History
    5. Territory Manager
  4. Customers
    1. Describe the Trading Community Architecture (TCA) model
    2. Explain the customer types
    3. Create and maintain customer information
  5. Install Base
    1. Overview of Oracle Install Base
    2. Item configuration for Install Base
    3. Install Base user interface
    4. Viewing information of an item instance
  6. Teleservice
    1. Introduction to Oracle Teleservice
    2. Service Request Creation
    3. Setups and configurations required for Teleservice
    4. Service Request to Resolution Process
  7. Service Contracts
    1. Overview of Service Contracts
    2. Setups and Configurations
    3. Service Contracts Integration with other modules
  8. Lead Management
    1. Introduction to Lead Management
    2. Setups and configurations for Lead Management
    3. Lead Creation
  9. Opportunity Management
    1. Introduction to Opportunity Management
    2. Setups and configurations for Opportunity Management
    3. Opportunity Creation
  10. Quoting
    1. Introduction to Quoting
    2. Setups and Configurations for Quoting
    3. Creating a quote and converting it into Order
  11. Universal Work Queue
    1. Introduction to Universal Work Queue (UWQ)
    2. Setting up UWQ
    3. Using UWQ

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