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Data Warehousing (Data Warehousing Workbench)

Data Modelling


  • Characteristics

  • Key Figures

    Data Flow (Transformation, InfoSources, DataSources)

  • Dataflow in BI

  • Transformation Process

  • Datasource and Infosources 3.X

  • Emulated Datasources 3.X 

    InfoProvider (InfoCubes, MultiProviders, VirtualProvider, DataStore Objects, InfoSets, InfoObjects, Direct Access)

  • Infocubes

  • DSOs

  • Virtual Providers

  • Multiproviders and BI Infoset

  • Direct Access

    Performance Tuning (Aggregates,Query Performance,BI Accelerator)

  • Aggregates

  • Query Performance

  • BI Accelerator

    Scheduling & Monitoring (Process Chains, Real Time Data Acquisition,Data Load Monitor)

  • Process chains

  • RDA

    Meta Data (Meta Data Repository,Remodeling Toolbox,BI Content)

  • Meta Data Repository

  • BI Content

  • Remodeling Toolbox 

    Source Systems (UD Connect, Service API, Flat File, DB Connect) & DTP

  • Service API

  • Flat File, BI Infosource and DTP (TBW 10 Unit 4 Page 260-318)

  • DB Connect 

    Development Interfaces (UD Integration,Web Services)

    BEx Analyzer

  • Introduction to BEx Analyzer

    BEx Query Designer

  • Query Designer

  • Infoproviders in Query designer

    BEx Web (BEx Web Application Designer,BEx Map,Web Printing,BEx Web Analyzer)

  • BEx WAD

  • BEx MAP

  • BEx Web Analyzer 


    BEx Broadcaster

    BEx Report Designer

    Integrated Planning

    Analysis Process Designer

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