SAP Workflow Course Content

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  • Basics of SAP & Workflow in SAP
  • Basic SAP GUI Navigation
    • Workflow terminology
    • Use of workflow and workflow templates
    • Basic Customizing settings in the SAP Business Workflow system
    • Inboxes:
    • Possible inboxes for work items
    • Defining substitutes
    • Processing work items
    • Architecture:
    • Workflow components
    • Activating templates
    • Determining agents using Organizational Management
    • Terminology
    • Structure of organizational units, positions, and jobs
  • Building and using workflow
    • Defining workflows using the Workflow Builder
    • Enhancing business objects with the Business Object Builder
    • Defining business process steps: task definition
    • Data definition and containers
    • Dynamic agent determination at runtime
    • Triggering workflows with events
    • Triggering events in the system
    • Deadline monitoring
    • Workflow Wizards
    • Options for ad-hoc processing
  • Web Workflow Scenarios
    • Use business processes that use the WF-XML interface via the Internet
    • WF-XML structures
    • Customizing WF-XML
    • Using WF-XML as a workflow step
    • Business processes that run via the Internet and call Web services
    • The WebFlow Service Handler and its components
    • Customizing the WebFlow Service Handler
    • Importing WSDL Web Service Definitions
    • Using Web services as a workflow step
  • Workflow Programming
    • Programming
    • Business Object Builder: defining and implementing your own BOR objects
    • Data flow and new containers
    • Rule function modules
    • Programming exits at step and workflow level
    • Event generation by programming
    • Check function modules
    • Receiver type function modules
    • Receiver function modules
    • Runtime system:
    • Structure
    • Performance
    • Administration
  • Object Oriented ABAP in Workflow
    • Definition and implementation of ABAP-OO classes for use in the workflow
    • Definition of attributes
    • Definition of methods and error handling
    • Definition of events
    • Triggering ABAP-OO events
    • Using ABAP-OO classes in workflow processes

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